Make the Smart Choice for Smart Home Installation

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Tired of fumbling with extension cords every time you want to play your music in a different room? Wishing you didn’t have to get up just to flip the light switch during family movie night? You can control every fixture in your home with the touch of a button by installing smart home devices.

RR12 Networks, LLC installs smart home systems and devices, such as Alexa, Google Home and Wi-Fi outlets and switches. We also install Ubiquiti cameras. Schedule an appointment today. We serve Wimberley, TX.

It’s your home—but smarter

It’s your home—but smarter

Smart homes aren’t just for the Jetsons anymore—any home can become a smart home with the right devices. You can easily turn your home into a smart home by:

  • Investing in an Amazon Alexa or Google Home to connect all of your smart devices
  • Adding Wi-Fi outlets and light switches to control any fixture in your home
  • Connecting your smart devices to a phone or tablet for true modern convenience

Call RR12 Networks to get started today. We’ll set up all of your smart home devices and show you how to control them with an app. You can also rely on us to troubleshoot any problems with your devices.